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Discover how Eilidh Milnes, the expert on confidence applies her skills to the in depth knowledge of Dr Deborah Swallow, the leading authority on inter cultural communication. Learn how working with these two experienced consultants transforms organisations and individuals alike.

Gain the competitive edge in not only international markets but in your domestic workplace. Learn how to deal with cultures when working abroad; how to deal with overseas markets in a confident way. Learn how to fly from your desk! Read more on workshops.

Debby and Eilidh (that's 'Aylee') explain culture in language that is easy to understand. The difference between their methods other cross culture awareness courses is the focus on real life stories, anecdotes and case studies. Their new book contains the essential research, which underpins cross culture. However it also be a manual, a quick reference guide, to apply to everyday conflict issues and cultural misunderstandings. It will improve your understanding of how different people think, work and feel. It will help you to breakdown cultural barriers. Working with Debby and Eilidh coupled to reading The Diversity Dashboard, will result in a more effective, cooperative, harmonious and happy workplace.

Unfortunately, most English-speaking nations have little concept of ‘cross-cultural differences’. The world speaks English and business is constructed in this framework.  Yet you do, you act and you think business in your personal cultural mode and strangely expect the world to do the same. When things go wrong and they repeatedly do, people tend to look for many sorts of causes and seldom that there could be a cultural mismatch.Eilidh and Debby will help you look on such issues with fresh eyes.

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Intercultural Tips Video


Watch the video above for 'Interculture Tips on how to work in culturally diverse teams.' Helping your people develop culturally intelligent leadership will reap dividends: building on brand reputation, increasing your customer retention and adding to your bottom-line. By avoiding cultural mistakes, you protect your relationships and improve productivity.

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The Diversity Dashboard - a simple guide to cultural competence

Recognising cultural change provides a competitive edge. It's a challenge, but it's one that I think can be overcome. That's where this new book The Diversity Dashboard is useful. It is a quick reference guide - a great travelling companion - which can help you gain the determination and enthusiasm to reach out to fresh areas and to do so with vigour, commitment and confidence. Sir Roger Carr, Chairman Centrica PLC and President CBI.